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Best practice in sports coaching is both an introduction for anyone thinking of becoming or hiring a coach - whether private or corporate - and an inspirational guide for experienced coaches. It is a practical guide to the what and the how of sports coaching; it covers all topics from the personal and executive angle and explains the structure of a coaching relationship. There is extensive guidance on coaching techniques, models and tools as well as advice on how to train as a coach, how to run a sports coaching practice and how to structure sports coaching sessions. Complete with worksheets and exercises, evaluations and international case studies this is a thorough guide to sports coaching.

Sports coaching helps individuals and organizations achieve their maximum potential, tackle challenges and reach specific goals. It leads to personal and professional development and helps to create a work/life balance.

Most organizations already have co-active coach CPCC programs today. Yet their results are inconsistent or are not sustained. The reality is that most co-active coach CPCC programs are generic in nature they are mandates from management to have a set number of one-on-ones per month, per team member. When co-active coach CPCC sessions do occur, the coach or supervisor may not have accurate or current performance data in hand, and typically wont have visibility to the behaviors that drive high performance. The shortcomings of common co-active coach CPCC coaching can best be summarized by the fact that daily decisions on who, what and how to coach is left to the judgment of each supervisor.

The co-active coach CPCC coaching best practices found in Merced Systems solutions offer a rational and tuned approach to individual and team performance management, yielding significant productivity and quality improvements. Merced Systems offer a range of co-active coach CPCC coaching solutions depending on depth and breadth of customer needs, including Merced Performance Suite, a frontline performance management solution, which is an add on solution for existing customers and an express co-active coach CPCC coaching installation.

Benefits include the following: more effective and efficient sports coaching, leading to success with critical business improvement initiatives such as cost reduction and sales uplift, improved employee engagement and motivation, best practice sharing across the organization, leading to more rapid skills transfer, immediate visibility into individual performance, including team ranking and relative measures and improved quality monitoring, insight, decision making, and solution identification.
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Best Practice In Sports Coaching

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This article was published on 2011/01/16