Coaching Methods - 6 Secrets to Supercharge Your Coaching Methods

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As with most niche market coaches, your coaching program content evolves from personal coaching experiences, training and brainstorming sessions with other coaches about business topics. As the result of the time you spend with other coaching professionals, you have the opportunity to experiment with techniques, methods and strategies that result in specific outcomes. If you value the outcomes, you keep experimenting until you discover the best results for each specific situation that applies to the individual techniques. You then share those experiences with your coaching program students so they can benefit from your experiences and avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Sharing quality content your students prosper. Learn 6 secrets to supercharge your coaching methods in this article.

1. Personalize or customize your program. Connect with your clients so you can call them by their first name. When you call someone by their first name, you take the first step to developing a relationship between you and your clients. When you make clients feel that you are there to coach them and be a new friend to help them excel in their niche market, you connect on a deep level. People like to connect with others. Good friends are hard to come by. When you build a more personal, trusting business relationship with clients, you can build a good relationship that will hopefully last a lifetime.

2. You know a lot about your chosen niche. However, keep doing your research. Though you may be very knowledgeable about your chosen niche, increasing your knowledge from time to time shows your conscientiousness. Remember, you want to be known as the best online business coach. That way, you attract more prospects to enroll for your coaching programs.

3. Actively listen. Think about when you interact with someone wanting to sell you some product that solves a problem for you. You want to explain thoroughly what's most important for the salesperson to hear. The reverse is true for you as the person providing a solution to someone else's pressing problem. Let your clients talk at least half the time. Without interrupting them as they speak, take notes about what's troubling them.

4. When you have a lot of the facts, you reduce the chances of jumping to inaccurate conclusions. When first qualifying your prospects, you need to hear what they have to say to really understand where they are coming from. Give them your uninterrupted and undivided attention when they begin speaking with you.

5. Make time for your apprentices. Your students are looking for a committed coach that will help them excel throughout the duration of the program. This means that you provide your phone number should they have an urgent question they'd like to ask me. Although this can be inconvenient to me (some students call in the middle of night due to time zone difference), I am seriously committed to providing their 100% satisfaction.

6. Set up a happy learning environment with your students. Smile when you work with them. Enjoy the experience.

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Coaching Methods - 6 Secrets to Supercharge Your Coaching Methods

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This article was published on 2010/04/04