Legendary Coach Passed Away

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The former head coach of Penn State, Joe Paterno’s public mourning concluded with a funeral followed by the burial at the Hall of Fame.

Hundreds of students, friends attended the funeral of the most successful coach Penn State had ever seen. His family will hold a separate private funeral later in the afternoon.

David Brown was leading the queue. To express his deepest gratitude he drove for more than two hours and then waited outside until the door got opened.

Seeing the flock of people in the funeral ceremony he stated that he wasn’t surprised as this was expected by him.

He was followed up by John Meyers, who also drove more than 2 hours to reach at 5 am, three hours before the scheduled time. His attendance was worth it as according to him Paterno was the greatest of the greatest coach in the entire history of Penn State.

The philanthropist coach was tested positive for a lung cancer test just 65 days before his death. Hundreds more waited in the line, on a winter afternoon, where Paterno’s family members performed the rituals.

The coach’s body rested in peace inside a closed, brownish coffin decorated with beautiful white flowers. Also, the coffin had an “honor guard” of Penn State players which attracted the mourning visitors.

Behind it laid an elegant frame of the ever jubilant coach, seeing via his trademark thick-framed glasses.

A passionate coach, football was everything to him. It was his lifeline which pumped blood into his arteries. A generous person he was equivalent to a saint in the college.

He will be remembered for the dismal end of his career when he was chucked out from his job after being scandalized in the child sex abuse case. This act of his not only stained the name earned by him but also brought a halt to his career.

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Legendary Coach Passed Away

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This article was published on 2012/02/22