You Are a Good Realtor But Can You Really Make a Difference As a Realtor Mentor?

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When I was in college the computer basic course was the only course I scored poorly in. I couldn't stay focused and kept forgetting what we were even supposed to be doing. I was going to become a pilot and had no intention of ever needing to work on a computer all day. Fast forward many years later. I just sold an online coaching company to my former business partner that was earning $50,000.00 per month in only 4 short years (with practically no overhead, I... not even an advertising budget), and I'm happy to say it's still going strong.

My point is, if I can do it so can you.

If you earn significantly more than the average Realtor then you have developed, discovered and refined some skills and tools that would be an ENORMOUS benefit to the rest of the Realtors out there just working to keep their head above water. The great part is that you can leverage technology to coach the Realtors outside your geographic (and competitive) area to improve their lives and those of their clients while creating an excellent steam of income for yourself. So tell me, why wouldn't you?

There's a simple step-by-step process for a real estate coach to use in order to take the valuable information and tools that you have used to create a successful Realtor career and share them in a way that makes them easy for other Realtors to learn and takes you practically no time (after the system is set up). Another great part about real estate coaching (online in particular) is that by creating a strong continuity program you give Realtors the continued current resources they need to excel in today's environment. Let's think about this for a moment. Can you recall a time when you read an outstanding book or attended a truly excellent seminar and thought wow, this is really going to change the way that I operate, but didn't?

You probably went back into your old routines, or tried to implement new ideas but didn't have the support you needed to follow through. That's what continuity programs are all about they mean continual support for your Realtor clients (and real results). They also mean continual regularly increasing income for you, because instead of always searching for new clients, providing a service and then moving on your Realtors will stay with you and grow as you grow. Even better yet by leveraging online coaching techniques you can implement programs that require the same amount of work for you regardless of if you are coaching 30 or 300 Realtors.

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Are you ready to take the next step toward turning your Realtor skills into profitable information products and automated continuity programs that can earn you massive (and practically passive) income?

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You Are a Good Realtor But Can You Really Make a Difference As a Realtor Mentor?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29